A Network Initiative


We want to help your church get better at sharing the Gospel.


These are the folks leading the Sharing Our Faith events.

Michael Green
Evangelist and author of 50+ books on evangelism and discipleship
Bp. Keith Ackerman
Bishop of Quincy and president of Forward in Faith, North America
Rosemary Green
Wife and ministry partner of Dr. Green for 50 years
Daryl Fenton
Chief Operating Officer for the Anglican Communion Network
Jenny Noyes
Director of Evangelism for the Anglican Communion Network
Carrie Boren
Missioner for Evangelism, Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
Jack Gabig
Director, Young Anglicans Project
Tom Herrick
Executive Director, Titus Institute for Church Planting


Contact Us

Jenny Noyes
Director of Evangelism
Anglican Communion Network

Calendar of Events

We've done Sharing Our Faith conferences in El Paso, TX; Moline, IL; Gainesville, FL (audio | video); Akron, OH; Savannah, GA (audio & video); Hamilton, MA, Herndon, VA (video) and Bakersfield, CA (video).

Train your parish on your own using teaching from these conferences! To order a DVD of one of these conferences featuring Dr. Michael Green, with more than 10 hours of teaching on evangelism, click here.

We are holding evangelism training events throughout the country. These include workshops to train you in evangelism, as well as actual outreach gatherings.

If you'd like to schedule a Sharing Our Faith conference in your area, please email me at!

From the Director

Welcome to! We are one of five ministry initiatives created by the Anglican Communion Network to serve all of the Common Cause Partners.

Photo of Jenny
Jenny Noyes
Director of Evangelism
Anglican Communion Network

In the short term, we are holding regional evangelism conferences across the U.S. These are sponsored by local Anglicans for the purpose of motivating and training laity and clergy.

Our long-term goals are more ambitious: We want to see an Anglican revival in the U.S. whereby thousands of non-believers come to Christ, existing Anglican churches grow and thrive, and new Anglican churches spring up to disciple new converts to Christianity. We want to identify, train and encourage Anglicans with the spiritual gift of evangelism to serve parishes in their region by exercising their gift. And we want to identify, train and encourage Anglicans with a heart for evangelism to serve as evangelism coordinators in their local parishes.

If you share our goals or have resources or ideas to share, I'd love to connect with you. Drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.